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EFE 2022 Energy Fuels Environment

Paper publishing


Abstracts will be published in the book of abstracts in electronic form.

30th August 2022 – Abstract submission
30th August 2022 – Abstract acceptance by Scientific Committee

Books of Abstracts from previous editions of the Conference:

Paper publishing

The proposed papers will be reviewed by two peers before submission for publication, to secure indexing in Web of Science. The reviewers are selected based on their experience in the subject area of the paper. One of the assessors represents the scientific committee and the second is independent and not related to the authors.

Selected papers will be offered publication in high recognized journals from JCR list. The papers from the last three conferences (2016, 2018, 2020 ) have been published with EDP Sciences, receiving recognition from other researchers and cited by authors of Energy, Energies, Journal of Thermal Science, Renewable Energy, Fuel, Journal of Flow Measurement. Articles were published after previous editions of the Conference in peer reviewed journals: Energy, Renewable Energy, Open Chemistry, Catalysts, Applied Sciences.